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Heritage Trees

Heritage Tree Committee of the
St.Thomas Field Naturalist Club Inc.

P.O. Box 23009, St.Thomas, Ontario  N5R 6A3
Phone (519) 631-5204
Chairman – Frank Lattanzio

What we do

Volunteers scour Elgin County to identify and label some of the largest, oldest, tallest and rarest native and exotic tree species growing in Elgin County, providing an insight into the variety and richness of the remaining woodlands, hedgerows, parks, cemeteries and gardens of the county.
When we meet

2nd Tuesday of each month at
2pm a 8 Kopic Court

What we do

The mandate of the Heritage Tree Committee of the St.Thomas Field Naturalist Club Inc. is to promote an appreciation and awareness of the great range of interesting trees in Elgin County. Three pamphlets, with colourful maps detailing locations of the trees, have been created to help the public find and view the labelled trees.  Phase I, St.Thomas where approximately 100 trees have been labeled.  Phase II, West Elgin, has one hundred and forty-two trees labeled, while East Elgin has approximately one hundred and sixty-five trees labeled.


The Heritage Tree Committee is a group of volunteers and operates with the financial support of The St.Thomas Field Naturalist Club Inc., The Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation, The Elgin Stewardship Council. The East Elgin Sportsman Club, City of St.Thomas, Village of Dutton, Township of Southwold, Township of West Elgin and others.

Other information

Since its inception in 1990 The Heritage Tree Committee has labeled over 500  trees in Elgin County and printed 50,000 four colour map/brochures, including a revised second printing of the revised West Elgin, East Elgin and an update of  the St. Thomas  map/brochures.