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The Elgin Stewardship Council (ESC) is comprised of volunteers who work collaboratively to provide environmental land stewardship opportunities and advice for landowners within Elgin County, Ontario.

Elgin Stewardship Council Mission Statement
“To achieve and maintain a healthy and sustainable rural environment that will contribute toward both the viability of agricultural and natural resources in Elgin County as well as the social and economic well being of its residents.”

Elgin Stewardship Council Profile
Currently, our stewardship organization is comprised of 14 volunteer Directors. We were officially incorporated as not-for-profit in 2007. The volunteer directors, who are leaders in the community, represent a cross-section of land and resource based interests including farmers, non-farm rural landowners, hunters, anglers, woodlot owners, naturalists, educators and other outdoor enthusiasts. While originating from diverse backgrounds, we share a common interest in improving the natural resources and fostering a land stewardship ethic that benefits people today and future generations. The stewardship council was established in 1997 and has been proudly serving Elgin County ever since. Technical representatives from government agencies including the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Kettle Creek and Catfish Creek Conservation Authority also sit on the council to lend their technical expertise to our decision making process and promote our activities across the County.

Elgin Stewardship Council Objectives
In fulfillment of our mission statement, we have the following objectives;

  1. Improve communications between landowners and various agencies operating within Elgin County
  2. Offer comprehensive educational programs that promote a land stewardship ethic
  3. Access and coordinate resources in order to efficiently initiate and support stewardship projects
  4. Make available matching funds/resources to carry out the projects that are supported by the stewardship council
  5. Search out, plan and oversee the completion of projects that enhance the natural environment