Good news for the Fingal Wildlife Management Area!

Good news for the Fingal Wildlife Management Area! Construction of a 10 acre wetland restoration project will begin around November 15 2017 in marginal farmland in the Southeast portion of the property. Wetlands provide several functions and benefits to society:

  • Better Water Quality
  • More Water to Feed Streams and Wells
  • Homes for Fish and Wildlife
  • A Natural Buffer to Drought Events
  • Reduction of Runoff and Flooding from Heavy Rains
  • A Healthy, Pleasing Landscape that Supports Healthy Living

We are also excited to be planting native trees and pollinator habitat adjacent to the restored wetlands cells to enhance biodiversity within the Fingal Wildlife Management Area.

Funding for the partnership project on the Ministry of Natural Resources property co-managed with the Elgin Stewardship Council (ESC) provided by Ducks Unlimited Canada, Kettle Creek Conservation Authority and ESC.