2018 Swan Migration Information (as of Mar 10)

  • First 20 swans of the year arrived Feb 27th 
  • From Feb 28 the numbers increased to a maximum of 915 swans on March 8th
  • As of Mar 11, still well over 700 swans for viewing
  • Other species observed during the migration:
    • 3 Cackling Geese
    • 5 Snow Geese ( 2 regular and 3 dark morph)
    • 1 Brant goose
    • 4 Greater White Fronted Geese
  • Other returnees are Bald Eagle, Northern Shrike, Killdeer, Bluebirds, Meadowlark, Wigeon, Mallards, Pintails, Shovelers

AWMA has a volunteer swan interpreter scheduled every morning 8:30-12:00 shift and every afternoon 12:00-3:30 shift for the entire month of March to answer visitors questions. 

  • Swans are fed 23 bushels of corn every morning between 8:30-9:00  There is no charge for the Swan viewing and interpretation but donations are appreciate to offset the cost of corn fed to the Swans.

Elgin Stewardship Council thanks local photographer, Barry Acheson for donating his time and images to AWMA. His work is helping to promote the AWMA by displaying some of the magnificent wildlife in area. To see more of Barry’s work visit his Facebook page and/or Instagram.