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John E. Pearce Provincial Park



  • Go south on Currie Road from Highway 3 (Talbot Line)
  • Turn left onto Lakeview Line
  • Look for the John E. Pearce Provincial Park sign



In 1925, this property was bought by John E. Pearce and his wife. Their hopes were to protect its natural beauty from civilization that was closing in on it. In 1955, the property was given to the province and two years later it was opened as a provincial park. 

Woodland trails throughout the park provide for an excellent outdoor experience. Since the park is situated within the Carolinian zone, flora and fauna often seen in the central United States are present here. The meadows are full of yellow mandarin, stiff gentian, broad beech fern, appalacian sedge and gattingers panic grass. Spricer Trail (1.5 km) leads through a hardwood forest that is centuries old. It has 15 stops throughout it that are identified in the tail guide, as well 30 trees are identified along the way.